Friday, September 21, 2007

Sosa for 2?

Willie Randolph blew that game last night, but he gets a 50/50 on the game just because Wagner wasn't available.

I was so proud of Willie for the way he managed the 6th inning, I said it myself at the lohudblog chat room Willie should taken Glavine out and use a Smith/Show for the 6th inning. He did and the Marlins didn't score. He got lucky by getting a scoreless inning from mota, then he brings in Heilman in the 8th knowing Wagner wasn't available in the 9th. Now of course he didn't know it was going to be a save situation so he gets off a little on that.

But now to the 9th, Feliciano starts the inning and after giving up a leadoff hit with a 3 run lead and Miggy up Willie took out Pedro. I don't agree here, after Miggy comes 2 left handed bats and the most he can do is make it a 1 run lead. Instead he went for Sosa who pitched 2 innings the night before, and he blew the save in the 9th. Left in the bullpen was Aaron Sele, Philip Humber, and Willie Collazo. I was thinking that maybe a starter on a bullpen day would throw today, I think it was Perez's throw day.. But there is no way I let Sosa go out for the 10th after how bad he pitched in the 9th.. If your not going to pitch Humber or Collazo, you have to pitch Sele he's well rested and he needs to prove he belongs on the post season roster. But keeping Sosa was a horrible move.

Again you can't just think about the one night you have to think about the following nights..

Aaron Heilman has pitched 3 or 4 straight days he shouldn't be in the game tonight.
Jorge Sosa 4 innings the last 2 games he isn't pitching.
Wagner's back has him day to day.

So unless Pedro gives the Mets 8 they are going to have a good chance of blowing this game late.


mel said...

You are without doubt the most igmorant egotistical, self-loving asshole I've seen around Met blogs this year.
Let me ask you how do you know you are so freakin perfect. You have the insight into the arms, the level of fatigue and everything else?? No you just have one ignorant ego that you feed. Do real Met fans a favor and become a Yankee fan.

mel said...

If Willie listened to your stupid suggstions, the entire bullpen would have been used about 150 games each and all been on the DL.

The Man said...

No, If Willie would of listened to me, The bullpen would be well rested and not overworked.

So I'm not a real Mets fan? I watch every single game, know everything about the minor leagues and I'm fed up with these "rookie" mistake Willie continues to make. and if it's my fault that I get upset when he continues to go to the same group of pitchers who are overworked and blow the games, instead of giving a young guy a chance I guess im not a Mets fan.

The Man said...

I'm trying to think where I was wrong in this post, I don't see anything that makes me a self-loving asshole, "Igmorant"

There was nothing I said wrong there, I'm wrong for saying Sosa for 2 wasnt a good idea?