Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Horrible Move

An amazing comeback by the Mets killed by another managerial move in the bottom of the 8th. Like I said in my post last night, why waste Heilman in a 5 run game what happens if there is a close game today? Well Willie pitched him last night and he threw 26 pitches, and had no problem throwing him out there again with a 3 run lead. Heilman's velocity way down from 89-92 instead of 94-97 and no movement at all on the changeup. Willie forced Heilman to throw 24 pitches (thats 50 in the last 2 days)

This all knowing that Wagner probably wouldn't be his sharpest coming in for the 9th and could use a cushion.

In the bullpen a Scott S/Joe Smith combo could of pitched the 8th inning just like they pitched the 6th inning the other day, but no go for the overworked relief pitcher and make the bullpen look even worse. Seriously will Willie ever understand how to work a bullpen?

UPDATE: o and Joe Smith just looked amazing in that 10th inning facing about the same part of the lineup as Heilman faced.

Then top 10 1st and 2nd for Lo Duca, ok you want to bunt sure. 2nd and 3rd 1 out for Gomez a right handed pitcher on the mound, and Newhan/Castro on the bench can pinch hit who have much more power then Gomez, and have a better chance of the sac fly but he stuck with Gomez who flew out to shallow RF and the Mets wind up not scoring.


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